Seymour Art Gallery

The Seymour Art Gallery 


The back door of the gallery building
Established in 1985 and in operation for over 23 years, the Seymour Art Gallery is a public, non profit society that has a reputation for artistic excellence in its' gallery, educational and community programming. The gallery is a leader in community life in the Seymour/Deep Cove area and has established a strong foundation of communication support.

The gallery during the set up for a new show
The Seymour Art Gallery shares a building with the theater group, and the North Vancouver historical society. It is situated in Deep Cove one of the most picturesque villages in the area. It is only a few hundred meters from a dock and a beautiful stoney beach.

The gallery has many plinths and two large movable walls giving the curator the ability to change the configuration of the gallery creating the illusion of a several rooms or to increase and decrease the amount of wall space according to the number of pieces that are to be displayed.

link to Seymour Art Gallery
Here you can see jewelry displayed on the wall in frames

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