Rachel Gourley

Rachel Gourley is doing something with polymer that I haven’t seen before and it works.

For many years, the former teacher and scientific illustrator traveled the world with her family, living in far flung places including Abu Dhabi, the Balkans, Skopje, Belgrade, Brussels with trips to Oman, Yemen, Iran, Syria, Jordan.

Places, as she says, where “there was pattern colour, texture everywhere…”

Artists Statement

Landscape has long been an important part of my life. I have drawn it, painted it, made prints, photographed it, done my best to protect it and enjoyed its variety all over the world.
Working in polymer has lately become another obsession and now I find that they combine quite comfortably. Photography is a mystery to me but while I learn more, I proceed, as I do with all my art projects, guided by instinct and intention.

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