To jury for the show artists are asked to be members of the Vancouver or VanIsle guild. (If you are not a member of one of these guilds, it will cost $12 annual to become a member.) There is a $5.00 fee for each piece entered to defray the cost of an independent jury chosen by the curator of Seymour Art Galley. (Jewelry or other small items would best be mounted on a backing prepared for wall display. A framed item like this would be counted as one jury piece.)

Please contact me, Joan Tayler, by July 15th if your are planning to submit pieces to be juried for
Chameleon 2013. If you can estimate how many pieces that would be a great help. This is not a definite commitment, but and effort to get and idea of how many pieces will be submitted for the show.

Your are also invited to be features on the Chameleon blog. I plan to alternate feature artist from the Vancouver and the VanIsle Guilds as well as the feature artist.

Here are some questions go get you thinking.
* When did you first discover that polymer clay is a great art material?
* Next to your hands, a knife and a pasta machine what are your favourite tools?
* What is your greatest artistic inspiration?
* What is the best thing about your current studio space or spaces?
* What is the best time of day to work?
* Whose work do you most admire?
* What other artistic medium do you joy working in?
* What question would you add to this list of questions?

Please send some pictures to go along with the interview. They should be 1000 to 600 dpi, if in doubt sent them any way you can.

I plan to up date the blog every Wednesday. To make this happen I am depending on your co-operation.

Thank you

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