About the Chameleon Show

Chameleon is a celebration of polymer clay as a medium of artistic expression. Though polymer clay has been available to artists for over seventy years is has often been thought of as a craft medium to be uses more by children than by artists and serious crafts people. During the last twenty years artists have been gradually turning to polymer clay as a medium to express themselves. This show endevours to show some of the range of the medium and to give an venue for craft people and artist to show their work in a gallery setting.

This is an up date on the polymer clay art show that will have an opening Sunday February 10th between 2 and 4 at the Seymour Art Gallery in North Vancouver. The show will run from February the 5th  to March 02, 2013. There will also be and event the evening of Friday the 15th in conjunction with the opening of Horizons – the Vancouver Polymer Clay guild bi-anneal retreat.

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