Monday, December 17, 2012

Olga's Magical Creatures

I would like to share this short explanation of how Olga Osnach came up with the name Madre Olius and how she started working in polymer clay.
 "Madre Olius - it means Mother Olius (I was called this by the person very close to our family. This person has the same name as our child). I started my polyclayer career after of the birth of my son. It that time I was interested in Spanish. That is why "Mother" became"Madre". Honestly, I'm very thankful to my son, because before his birth I was pretty sure that I was not talented, that I was a mediocre artist when it came to drawing. For example, It is difficult for me to draw portraits, or faces in generaly, but when I work in three dimensions it made a big difference." 
Olga is one on the artist who will be presenting work at the Chameleon Show and will also be giving a demonstration at Horizons where participates will have chance to see how she works her magic creating the faces of elves and goblins. 

To see more Olga's work visit her web site or her facebook page.

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